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#18688 dojox/calendar/CalendarBase constructor handles properties oddly assigned dg undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18697 PortletInGridContainerColumns - DND Error in IE. assigned dylan undecided 1.14 DojoX Widgets
#18698 JAWS screen reader announces combobox options twice new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18706 Dialog: won't let 3rd party dialogs get focus new bill undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18708 Client-Side XSS Bug in Grid Filter assigned dylan high 1.14 DojoX Grid
#18723 robot tests won't run on Edge or Chrome >= 45 new bill undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18729 Google's CDN - "latest" version pointers no longer work assigned dylan high 1.14 Documentation
#18734 sometimes can't end list by hitting return twice new undecided 1.14 Editor
#18736 Double input node in FileInput widget assigned undecided 1.14 DojoX Form
#18737 dijit/Dialog: doesn't _position center if dialog.width > viewport.width new yushengh undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18738 Hindi numeral calendar new Adam Peller undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18742 IE11 autocomplete results a flicker on submitting the form new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18744 dojox/gfx canvasWithEvents broken on MS Edge new Eugene Lazutkin low 1.14 DojoX GFX
#18745 Threshold Indicator vertical fill fails assigned undecided 1.14 Charting
#18749 DIV element not centered in case of RoundRect but centered with Container new Patrick Ruzand undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18751 Scatter plot doesn't handle nulls correctly. new Eugene Lazutkin undecided 1.14 Charting
#18759 dojox.xml.parser.parse can not run outside browser - not applicable for nodeJS assigned dylan undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18763 dojo/dom-geometry.position(node, true) wrong on zoomed android device new undecided 1.14 HTML
#18764 dojox/calendar/MatrixView Error after inserting new Item in store assigned dg undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18766 CurrencyFormat for nl locale is incorrect new undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#18767 <input type="file"> askes input twice. new undecided 1.14 Core
#18770 Firebug gives warning for dom-attr: "Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead." new undecided 1.14 HTML
#18771 Documentation typos meta ticket new dylan undecided 1.14 Documentation
#18774 Linting errors in dojo.js new Rawld Gill high 1.14 Loader
#18775 preventDefault() does not update the defaultPrevented property on touch devices new dylan undecided 1.14 Events
#18781 dojox.validate.isUrl doesn't validate IDN URLs correctly new dylan undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18782 config.js uses wrong prefix when has('dojo-config-api') is falsy assigned dylan undecided 1.14 Core
#18785 dojox/charting/action2d/MouseIndicator stops tracking changes with mouseOver: true when mouse leaves chart new low 1.14 Charting
#18786 dojox DataGrid - click cell causes jump - IE new Evan undecided 1.14 DojoX Grid
#18787 Vietnamese months in calendar dateTimes should be capitalized new undecided 1.14 Date
#18791 Horizontal tooltip has anti-aliasing artifact new bill high 1.14 Dijit
#18801 dijit/Destroyable::own dies horribly if owning things without a cleanup method new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18806 Issue with DnD in IE in containers with scrollbar new undecided 1.14 General
#18807 Inconsistency of dijit.form.SimpleTextArea value (displayed- or not) when @maxLength > actual data length new bill undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18811 dateFormatItem-MMdd is not defined in base gregorian i18n module but is in others new undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#18813 Justify disabled in dijit/Editor if editing same text in multiple browsers new undecided 1.14 Editor
#18814 dojox/mobile/RadioButton: dot-circle misalignment for selected radio buttons on some browsers assigned Adrian Vasiliu undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18815 dojox/mobile/RadioButton: circle misaligned with label on some browsers assigned Adrian Vasiliu undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18821 DateTextBox: label and role unclear in JAWS new bill undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18829 "npm run test" fails new undecided 1.14 Core
#18854 IE11 RichText with EnterKeyHandling on DIV or P creates extraneous new lines on Backspace/Enter new bill undecided 1.14 Editor
#18864 ScrollableView input file upload new Patrick Ruzand undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18870 Dijit : BorderContainer.js - Continued tapping with Pen on Splitter with BorderContainer new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18872 In LinkDialog, Unable to create file link if first folder contain underscore(-) new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18875 No way to get correct value of dijit/Editor new undecided 1.14 Editor
#18876 dojox.mvc.Repeat doesn't handle relative widget class names. new Ed Chatelain undecided 1.14 DojoX MVC
#18879 Ctrl/Alt+Arrow not ignored in Dojo 1.9, and later new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18881 IE11 combo box performance issue for 2nd click onward new high 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18882 NumberTextBox does not properly handle percent type new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18885 Wrong currency format for sk-sk new high 1.14 Internationalization
#18890 Applying * { max-width:100%; } causes IE to render many objects with "rezise handles" and making them not editable new undecided 1.14 Editor
#18892 _MenuBase.passivePopupDelay causes click event to fire on non-popup menuitems new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18894 EnterKeyHandling forgets line indentation upon new line assigned dylan undecided 1.14 Editor
#18896 Placeholder preventing focus on text box (Mobile only) new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18899 Missing method on DocumentFragment in IE(11) new dylan undecided 1.14 Core
#18904 dojox/html/_base.js should consume getObject() from lang assigned dylan undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18905 dojo build (buildscripts/ --bin java fails when certain regex in js source files new high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18912 check for isWindow in scroll for FF not correct assigned dylan high 1.14 Dojox
#18913 dojox.form.Uploader sends formData properties which have no value new undecided 1.14 DojoX Form
#18915 cannot detect right-click on dom element new undecided 1.14 Core
#18916 dojox/mobile/ScrollableView doesn't work on Edge on Windows 10 Mobile new undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18920 infinite loop assigned dylan blocker 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18921 Wrong calculation of FilteringSelect width new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18922 dojo/request/node does not trigger notify.onsend assigned dylan high 1.14 Events
#18924 ComboBox: dropdown highlighting for autocomplete incorrect for IE 11 browser new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18925 DateTextBox: widget value does not update when textbox loses focus new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18928 JSON.php path is wrong new dylan undecided 1.14 Testing
#18930 NumberTextBox does not select number text when focused using TAB key new high 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18933 dojox.layout.TableContainer creates inpropriate label for invalid non-form controls new undecided 1.14 DojoX Layout
#18935 dojox/date/timezone consider DST in format new dylan undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18936 dijit/popup scrollbar IE new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18937 Dojox color picker hue selector calculating click event coordinates wrong. new high 1.14 DojoX Widgets
#18938 dijit/form/TimeTextBox slow in Chrome new high 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18940 Error on programatticaly load of dojox.charting.widget.chart assigned dylan blocker 1.14 DojoX Widgets
#18942 splice operations in gfx/shape's children array are non-performant in Chrome reopened Neil Roberts <[email protected]…> undecided 1.14 DojoX GFX
#18945 -> offline new dylan high 1.14 Operations
#18951 Error parsing dtl templates new Neil Roberts high 1.14 DojoX DTL
#18956 invalid out-of-date-check in dojo/store/Observable assigned dylan high 1.14 Data
#18957 Closure Compiler regression, files with # new dylan high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18964 dojox scrollableview in android devices is not working assigned dylan high 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18966 Label placement in StackedBars and StackedColumns assigned dylan high 1.14 Charting
#18967 TabContainer regression assigned dylan blocker 1.14 Dijit
#18972 In LinkDialog, slash(/) is not allowed in query part new undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18974 Closure compiler does not fail when encountering JS errors new high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18975 Horizontal slider not working on latest mobile chrome new undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18977 Tree and wipeIn/wipeOut-based Toggler anim erratic when started while previous anim in progress assigned dylan undecided 1.14 fx
#18979 Possible star mapping build regression new dylan high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18981 Child popup closes parent popup when mouse left click duration reaches certain threshold value assigned dylan high 1.14 Dijit
#18983 Mouse click activating DropDownButton: unable to use arrow keys for navigation assigned dylan high 1.14 Dijit
#18984 Tree keydown event handling is flaky assigned dylan high 1.14 Events
#18987 Inconsistent drag and drop behavior in different browsers for dijit form input elements with disabled property set to true new high 1.14 DnD
#18990 Building on a system with an unsupported Java version fails silently new high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18991 Port 18871 to 1.10 assigned dylan undecided 1.13.1 Core
#18993 Dojox DateTextBox closes Month/Year calendar in Chrome without going to Month calendar new undecided 1.14 DojoX Form
#18994 DropDownList pupup is in the wrong position on Windows 10 touchscreen laptop. assigned dylan high 1.14 Dijit
#18997 Editor - Missing strikethrough text after normalize style new undecided tbd Editor
#18999 Dojo: dijit/form/VerticalSlider: Does not work in IE8 IE9 IE10 new undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#19001 Click event handled on Dijits in disabled state new high 1.14 Dijit - Form
#19002 Tooltip position new undecided tbd Dijit
#19003 Error undefined running custom onLoad code: This deferred has already been resolved dojo 1.12 new undecided tbd General
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