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#12327 Allow dojo.Animation to have a duration of zero or throw an error assigned dylan defect 1.14 Core
#15112 Application-Controller-Pattern: Provide an example for shared methods of different page-level controllers assigned dylan enhancement 1.14 Documentation
#15529 dojo.hitch documentation confuses scope with context assigned dylan defect 1.14 Core
#16218 dojo/data/ObjectStore save function assigned dylan defect 1.14 Data
#16247 [patch][cla] New PasteFromWord plugin assigned dylan feature 1.14 Editor
#16498 [patch] [cla] dojox/gesture should expose start/end coordinates assigned dylan enhancement 1.14 Dojox
#16499 [patch] [cla] dojox/gesture prevents native scrolling on touch devices assigned dylan defect 1.14 Dojox
#17095 dijit/form/Select doesn't remove observe listeners when new queries are given assigned dylan defect 1.14 Dijit - Form
#17512 Sniff android returns undefined on firefox android assigned dylan defect 1.14 Core
#17772 Should dojo/store/Cache return in-flight promises? assigned dylan enhancement 1.14 Data
#18129 [patch][cla] multiple dojo instance does not work as expected when using layers assigned Dasa Paddock defect 1.14 Loader
#18593 iOS Selection on short forms causes cursor to jump to end of line new Patrick Ruzand defect 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18598 dojo/request CORS documentation assigned dylan defect 1.14 Documentation
#18600 Add Reference Guide pages for LocalDB, IndexedDB, WebSQL, and OData new dylan defect 1.14 Documentation
#18609 IE < 11: Loader inconsistently runs factory synchronously for module with no deps assigned dylan defect 1.14 Loader
#18650 Packaged version of Rhino broken when compiling indexeddbshim assigned Rawld Gill defect 1.14 ShrinkSafe
#18681 On iOS9, ListItem can be taped before transition finish new Patrick Ruzand defect 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18744 dojox/gfx canvasWithEvents broken on MS Edge new Eugene Lazutkin defect 1.14 DojoX GFX
#18785 dojox/charting/action2d/MouseIndicator stops tracking changes with mouseOver: true when mouse leaves chart new defect 1.14 Charting
#18947 select all method on dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect new enhancement 1.14 DojoX Form
#18958 Deep option for lang.mixin new enhancement 1.14 Core
#6765 JSON Procedure Call: error handling assigned Kris Zyp enhancement 1.15 RPC
#7079 [patch] [cla] gfx demo, mandelbrot set assigned nic enhancement 1.15 DojoX GFX
#9263 dijit.layout.ContentPane doesn't allow replacing invalid content when setter fails assigned dylan defect 1.15 Dijit
#9562 TextBox: support autocomplete=on open enhancement 1.15 Dijit - Form
#10030 ContentPane: default to 0 padding when single child widget new bill defect 1.15 Dijit
#10066 dojo.query("tag > :not(tag)") returns empty results assigned Kris Zyp defect 1.15 Query
#10352 New DateTime Picker control assigned dylan enhancement 1.15 Dijit
#11427 Incremental Improvements to svg2gfx.xsl assigned Feneric enhancement 1.15 DojoX GFX
#13356 Tree: problems dropping from another source connected to the same store new defect 1.15 Dijit
#15260 dojo/i18n module does not allow excluding bundles... assigned Rawld Gill enhancement 1.15 BuildSystem
#15863 dojo/request/iframe not working as expected with response header: 'Content-Disposition: attachment' new Bryan Forbes defect 1.15 IO
#16235 [patch] [cla] dojox/geo/openlayers AMD assigned dylan enhancement 1.15 Dojox
#16280 dojox/socket clean up API names assigned Kris Zyp task 1.15 IO
#16786 Update dojo/rpc code to use newer APIs new dylan enhancement 1.15 RPC
#16795 [patch] dojox/mobile/parser assigned Patrick Ruzand enhancement 1.15 DojoX Mobile
#17253 [patch] all animations fire according to rate of first animation reopened defect 1.15 fx
#6385 add hierarchy and globbing to dojo/topic's publish/subscribe new dylan enhancement 2.0 Events
#12802 Menu: broken when declared inside a TitlePane reopened defect 2.0 Dijit
#13214 enhance builder to execute subset rebuild assigned enhancement 2.0 BuildSystem
#15350 Dojo build and simplified CommonJS wrapping assigned Rawld Gill enhancement 2.0 BuildSystem
#16811 use build-process to inline images in supported browsers assigned Rawld Gill enhancement 2.0 BuildSystem
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