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#17097 [patch] Make optimizeCss fetch file using AMD packages new feature undecided 1.15 BuildSystem
#17700 IE crashes if popup gets closed while loading required dojo-modules new defect undecided 1.15 Loader
#18517 build.bat closure optimized dojo build returns zero exit code when there is one error new defect undecided 1.14 BuildSystem
#18675 Under NodeJS, Loader Does not fire error logic new defect undecided 1.14 Loader
#17177 Build system fails silently for hidden trailing comma error. assigned defect blocker 1.14 BuildSystem
#14210 Remove unused build scripts assigned defect high 1.15 BuildSystem
#17144 The build system does not resolve an amd plugin used directly as a layer dependency. new enhancement high 1.15 BuildSystem
#18774 Linting errors in dojo.js new defect high 1.14 Loader
#15260 dojo/i18n module does not allow excluding bundles... assigned enhancement low 1.15 BuildSystem
#15350 Dojo build and simplified CommonJS wrapping assigned enhancement low 2.0 BuildSystem
#16811 use build-process to inline images in supported browsers assigned enhancement low 2.0 BuildSystem
#18650 Packaged version of Rhino broken when compiling indexeddbshim assigned defect low 1.14 ShrinkSafe
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