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#13724 _insertAfter can be removed in dom-construct assigned enhancement high 1.15 HTML
#13958 Add HTML5 history support to dojo.hash assigned enhancement high 1.15 Core
#14279 [meta] convert test files to AMD new task high 2.0 Testing
#14379 [patch][cla] GridContainerLite - publish restriction only on keyboard event assigned defect high 1.15 DojoX Layout
#14481 dojo.fx.wipeOut onEnd race condition due to connect() assigned defect high 1.15 fx
#14636 Chained animation not so chained assigned defect high 1.15 fx
#14940 dojox.charting.widget.Sparkline sizing is incorrect when in a templated widget assigned defect high 1.15 Charting
#15921 Update Dojo cheat sheet new defect high 1.15 Documentation
#16309 dom-class::add() does not work on SVG elements assigned defect high 1.14 Core
#17853 dojo/request/node doesn't emit notify events assigned defect high 1.14 IO
#18072 dojo/request/node response encoding assigned defect high 1.14 IO
#18234 [regression] JSON-RPC-2.0 with unnamed parameters is broken assigned defect high 1.14 RPC
#18274 dojox/editor/plugins/LocalImage fileMask does not work correctly assigned defect high 1.14 Editor
#18450 Update committer workflow to reference running tests with Intern assigned defect high 1.14 Documentation
#18587 [patch][needs test] JS Error during load of iframe with style "display:none" in Firefox assigned defect high 1.14 HTML
#18708 Client-Side XSS Bug in Grid Filter assigned defect high 1.14 DojoX Grid
#18729 Google's CDN - "latest" version pointers no longer work assigned defect high 1.14 Documentation
#18912 check for isWindow in scroll for FF not correct assigned defect high 1.14 Dojox
#18922 dojo/request/node does not trigger notify.onsend assigned defect high 1.14 Events
#18945 -> offline new defect high 1.14 Operations
#18949 Select-Tag doesn't show Options, because it gets prevented (by gesture) H a p p y N e w Y e a r assigned enhancement high 1.14 Dojox
#18956 invalid out-of-date-check in dojo/store/Observable assigned defect high 1.14 Data
#18957 Closure Compiler regression, files with # new defect high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18964 dojox scrollableview in android devices is not working assigned defect high 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18966 Label placement in StackedBars and StackedColumns assigned defect high 1.14 Charting
#18979 Possible star mapping build regression new defect high 1.14 BuildSystem
#18981 Child popup closes parent popup when mouse left click duration reaches certain threshold value assigned defect high 1.14 Dijit
#18983 Mouse click activating DropDownButton: unable to use arrow keys for navigation assigned defect high 1.14 Dijit
#18984 Tree keydown event handling is flaky assigned defect high 1.14 Events
#18994 DropDownList pupup is in the wrong position on Windows 10 touchscreen laptop. assigned defect high 1.14 Dijit
#19043 Recent CLDR 30 updates new defect high 1.10.10 Internationalization
#6385 add hierarchy and globbing to dojo/topic's publish/subscribe new enhancement low 2.0 Events
#9263 dijit.layout.ContentPane doesn't allow replacing invalid content when setter fails assigned defect low 1.15 Dijit
#10352 New DateTime Picker control assigned enhancement low 1.15 Dijit
#12327 Allow dojo.Animation to have a duration of zero or throw an error assigned defect low 1.14 Core
#15112 Application-Controller-Pattern: Provide an example for shared methods of different page-level controllers assigned enhancement low 1.14 Documentation
#15529 dojo.hitch documentation confuses scope with context assigned defect low 1.14 Core
#16218 dojo/data/ObjectStore save function assigned defect low 1.14 Data
#16235 [patch] [cla] dojox/geo/openlayers AMD assigned enhancement low 1.15 Dojox
#16247 [patch][cla] New PasteFromWord plugin assigned feature low 1.14 Editor
#16498 [patch] [cla] dojox/gesture should expose start/end coordinates assigned enhancement low 1.14 Dojox
#16499 [patch] [cla] dojox/gesture prevents native scrolling on touch devices assigned defect low 1.14 Dojox
#16786 Update dojo/rpc code to use newer APIs new enhancement low 1.15 RPC
#17095 dijit/form/Select doesn't remove observe listeners when new queries are given assigned defect low 1.14 Dijit - Form
#17512 Sniff android returns undefined on firefox android assigned defect low 1.14 Core
#17772 Should dojo/store/Cache return in-flight promises? assigned enhancement low 1.14 Data
#18598 dojo/request CORS documentation assigned defect low 1.14 Documentation
#18600 Add Reference Guide pages for LocalDB, IndexedDB, WebSQL, and OData new defect low 1.14 Documentation
#18609 IE < 11: Loader inconsistently runs factory synchronously for module with no deps assigned defect low 1.14 Loader
#19083 Add "foreign-loader" has conditional in dojo..js new enhancement major Loader
#19096 dojo/touch press and release events are not working on chrome browser & windows server 2012, 2016, windows 10 new defect major Events
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