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#15537 vml.js fails if dom is not ready yet assigned dylan defect undecided 1.15
#16341 [patch][cla] charts don't render the right dimensions assigned Eric Durocher defect undecided 1.14
#16364 Deserialized shapes don't keep their IDs assigned Eric Durocher task undecided 1.15
#16542 VectorText - Accented Characters IE8 assigned dylan defect undecided 1.15
#17482 [patch][cla][GFX] New API to specify rounding precision for SVG shape coordinates assigned Eric Durocher enhancement undecided 1.15
#17555 New Svg2Gfx assigned dylan enhancement undecided 1.15
#18942 splice operations in gfx/shape's children array are non-performant in Chrome reopened Neil Roberts <[email protected]…> defect undecided 1.14
#8919 [patch] Charts within different documents throw an error assigned dylan defect high 1.15
#10973 [patch][ccla]VML show text contains '\n' in multiples while SVG don't assigned Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement high 1.15
#14640 svg2gfx.xsl fails to detect exsl:node-set capability assigned Feneric defect high 1.15
#7079 [patch] [cla] gfx demo, mandelbrot set assigned nic enhancement low 1.15
#11427 Incremental Improvements to svg2gfx.xsl assigned Feneric enhancement low 1.15
#18744 dojox/gfx canvasWithEvents broken on MS Edge new Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.14
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