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#16203 [patch][ccla] DateTextBox: does not validate correctly when using a Hebrew date. Adam Peller, hhelena, Douglas Hays assigned dylan defect undecided
#17292 Incorrect date formats for en-ca Adam Peller, cjolif new defect undecided
#17155 The content of a flattened _ROOT nls bundle is not taken into account dg, Adam Peller, Clement Mathieu assigned Colin Snover defect blocker
#11435 dojox.validate.regexp.url is too specific with fragment identifiers Douglas Hays, Adam Peller, dante assigned dylan defect high
#11709 [patch][ccla][needs AMD conversion] Chart 2D: Axis Break [email protected]…, [email protected]…, [email protected] assigned dylan enhancement high
#14044 [patch]Timezone shows IST time for "Asia/Dhaka" in place of "BDT" Adam Peller new Adam Peller defect high
#16247 [patch][cla] New PasteFromWord plugin bill, Adam Peller, Jared Jurkiewicz, cjolif assigned dylan feature low
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