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#16521 _BidiSupport.postscript() should probably call this.inherited() cjolif new Eugene Lazutkin task undecided
#16753 [pr] dojox.string.sprintf relies on dojox global cjolif new Adam Peller defect undecided
#16916 OpenLayers widget creation broken in Dojo 1.8 cjolif assigned Patrick Ruzand defect undecided
#17292 Incorrect date formats for en-ca Adam Peller, cjolif new defect undecided
#17331 [patch] GanttChart Highlight in MultiTab Application Fix cjolif new Eugene Lazutkin enhancement undecided
#17702 [regression] dojo.publish fails when args are passed in function arguments array cjolif assigned Kris Zyp defect undecided
#18483 CLDR System Broken for Locales using parentLocale [email protected]…, [email protected]…, cjolif new Adam Peller defect undecided
#11009 [patch][cla][needs AMD conversion] coyotepoint-patch:chartImage-Require gif image support in charting cjolif assigned dylan enhancement high
#17144 The build system does not resolve an amd plugin used directly as a layer dependency. cjolif, Clement Mathieu, dg new Rawld Gill enhancement high
#17213 consider stopping automatically applying Widget properties to DOMNode cjolif reopened task high
#16247 [patch][cla] New PasteFromWord plugin bill, Adam Peller, Jared Jurkiewicz, cjolif assigned dylan feature low
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