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#18442 dom-prop doesn't call dojo/_base/connect::disconnect() when property that is assigned to function is replaced Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided HTML 1.10.3
#18593 iOS Selection on short forms causes cursor to jump to end of line Patrick Ruzand defect low DojoX Mobile 1.10.4
#18457 on.selector throws an error for event handlers registered on document Kris Zyp defect undecided Events 1.10.3
#18775 preventDefault() does not update the defaultPrevented property on touch devices dylan defect undecided Events 1.10.4
#18723 robot tests won't run on Edge or Chrome >= 45 bill defect undecided Dijit 1.10.4
#18947 select all method on dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect enhancement low DojoX Form 1.12.1
#18734 sometimes can't end list by hitting return twice defect undecided Editor 1.10.4
#18549 stopParser not working in templated widgets bill defect undecided Parser 1.10.4
#18887 toggle function for dom-attr enhancement undecided Core 1.10.4

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#17652 [regression] z-axis vectors disabled in dojox/drawing liucougar defect undecided DojoX Drawing 1.9.2
#15660 dojo/store/Memory: make put() support "parent" and "before" options Kris Zyp feature high Data 1.7.3
#18377 dojox/mdnd/Moveable does not fire mouseup in IE10/11 when focus is changed bill defect undecided Dojox 1.10.2
#18942 splice operations in gfx/shape's children array are non-performant in Chrome Neil Roberts <[email protected]…> defect undecided DojoX GFX 1.12
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