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#7986 DateTextBox: Provide option to display 'Today' choice task closed high 1.13
#8070 Pie Chart - Label Position Bug in RTL Eugene Lazutkin defect closed high 1.13
#8130 dojo.setSelectable should be dojo.attr('selectable') Eugene Lazutkin defect closed high 1.13
#8192 ValidationTextBox: display more descriptive error messages enhancement closed high 1.13
#8199 [dojox.layout] ScrollPane doesn't layout properly when containing dynamic contents dante defect closed high 1.13
#8304 consider removing this.targetAnchor Eugene Lazutkin task closed high 1.13
#7909 Wrong parent of dojo.dnd.Moveable Eugene Lazutkin defect closed low 1.13
#7969 CLDR build script performance: catalog failing with latest version of ant Adam Peller defect closed low 1.13
#8197 ContentPane: resizes single layout child even when it shouldn't bill enhancement closed low 1.13
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