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#7129 The implementation of dojox.math.matrix.inverse() is inefficient Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed high 1.13
#7245 MultiSelect: populate options from data store enhancement closed high 1.13
#7279 FilteringSelect does not correctly set value when two or more options have the same display (but different values) defect closed high 1.13
#7307 dojox.xmpp presence bug prevents buddy list from displaying properly Dustin Machi defect closed high 1.13
#7325 [patch] dojox.xmpp doesn't work in IE when using script src due to iframe onload bug Dustin Machi defect closed high 1.13
#7342 dojox.widget.Toaster not direct child of body nonken defect closed high 1.13
#7209 Moveable drag breaks when using delay property Eugene Lazutkin defect closed low 1.13
#7358 dojo.dnd.Container: callback functions onItemInsert, onItemDelete Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed low 1.13
#7388 DnD scrolls the window the wrong way haysmark defect closed low 1.13
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