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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#6388 required check for other form widgets (checkbox, textarea, etc) enhancement closed high 1.13
#6423 support mnemonics and accelerators bill task closed high 1.13
#6427 ComboButton: option to move selection up to button Patrick Ruzand enhancement closed high 1.13
#6446 Tree: drop targets should show accept/reject status enhancement closed high 1.13
#6450 InlineEditBox: save/cancel buttons should overlay page bill enhancement closed high 1.13
#6477 ComboBox: open drop down positioned at current item bill task closed high 1.13
#6699 ResizeHandle: Fixed Width Resize Option enhancement closed high 1.13
#6738 Chart2D reverse order Y axis yields no ticks or labels Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed high 1.13
#6774 Possibly better handling of heights in dojo.fx.wipeIn Bryan Forbes defect closed high 1.13
#6788 dojo._setOpacity will remove other filters on the domnodes when opacity==1 Eugene Lazutkin defect closed high 1.13
#6938 ExpandoPane theme upgrades needed nonken defect closed high 1.13
#7056 Drawing trace and the mouse trace not match liucougar defect closed high 1.13
#6410 [dojox.widget] ColorPicker should track onMouseDown, onMouseMove dante enhancement closed low 1.13
#6411 Consider better options for preventing addOnUnload functions from being called James Burke defect closed low 1.13
#6694 Provide the easy way to replace the avatar and extend its functionality. Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed low 1.13
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