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#17662 dojox treemap's animation issue defect closed undecided 1.13
#17678 Add a stricter equivalent to dojo/DeferredList to dojo/promise/* feature closed undecided 1.13
#17685 Quick click interface will cause confusion Adrian Vasiliu defect closed undecided 1.13
#17708 TimeTextBox: make manually entered text follow clickableIncrement enhancement closed undecided 1.13
#17711 Supporting multi-axis ( e.g., three or more Y axes) in dojo charting. feature closed undecided 1.13
#17712 dojox.layout.GridContainer addChild bugs column position on an unbalaced number of children defect closed undecided 1.13
#17716 dojox/gesture/tap sometimes fire exceptions dylans <[email protected]…> defect closed undecided 1.7.12
#17727 Zoom Scroll Pan demo is not working defect closed undecided 1.13
#17730 dojo/window#getBox().l wrong on RTL page w/horizontal scroll bar defect closed undecided 1.13
#17731 dom-geometry#position(node, true).x broken in RTL pages w/horizontal scrollbar defect closed undecided 1.13
#17743 DND: Internal Source copy happens even when copyOnly=false enhancement closed undecided 1.13
#17758 dndData attribute on declarative dndItem does not translate strings into JSON objects enhancement closed undecided 1.13
#17764 dojox/mobile/TabBar: in some conditions the content is not correctly centered Adrian Vasiliu defect closed undecided 1.13
#17673 A bug of dojo's fx.combine dylan defect closed high 1.13
#17658 dojox/mobile/IconItem - declarative style - lot of bugs Damien Mandrioli defect closed low 1.13
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