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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#16094 dojox/calendar vs dojox/widget/Calendar cjolif task closed undecided 1.13
#16141 vertical axis seems to use wrong major tick sometimes Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed undecided 1.13
#16184 Allow using deviceTheme as an AMD plugin Patrick Ruzand feature closed undecided 1.13
#16185 Container or pattern for simple applications Adrian Vasiliu feature closed undecided 1.13
#16198 CheckedMultiSelect new feature proposal dante enhancement closed undecided 1.13
#16249 Chart rendering VML issues in IE7 and IE8. Eugene Lazutkin defect closed undecided 1.13
#16252 ChartSeries - add easier way to set label property Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed undecided 1.13
#16266 Toolbar: overrides TextBox etc. arrow key behavior (ToolbarGroup enhancement) bill defect closed high 1.13
#16149 Generic Script Injection results in Missing dependency build error Rawld Gill enhancement closed low 1.13
#16226 MenuItem: short-cut key does not read out with JAWS mikeb defect closed low 1.13
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