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#1269 FIshEyeMenu doesn't extend if it's to the right side of the Splitter cal defect blocker Widgets 0.3
#1991 Adding <base> tag causes DOJO loading to fail... liucougar defect blocker General 0.4
#2145 Editor2: Creating absolute HREF gives incorrect relative HREF liucougar defect blocker Editor 0.4.1
#2155 RichText close() duplicates editor content in FF liucougar defect blocker Editor 0.4.1
#2194 Internet Explorer 7.0 fails with new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") dylan enhancement blocker General 0.4.1
#2283 [patch][cla] BrowserIO.js -- IE6 bug with formNode dylan defect blocker IO 0.4.1
#2291 When Tooltip and PopupMenu2 co-exist in a page, PopupMenu2 doesn't collapse when mouse click outside liucougar defect blocker Widgets 0.4.1
#2321 problem with compressed dojo.js and lfx.wipes functions - wiped elem gains height Bryan Forbes defect blocker lfx 0.4.1
#2492 Bug in creating savetextarea in RichText.js liucougar defect blocker Editor 0.4.2
#3619 Click on disabled Button do the onClick action.. bill defect blocker Dijit - Form 0.9
#3795 Regression in [9698]: TextArea InlineEditBox not opening in FF bill defect blocker Dijit 0.9
#3899 Regression in [9822]: can't edit autoSave InlineEditBox bill defect blocker Dijit 0.9
#3990 [patch]custom_rhino.diff - Invalid parser alex defect blocker BuildTools 0.9
#4113 themetester fails on IE6 Douglas Hays defect blocker Dijit 0.9
#42 postInitialize barfs if templateNode unset and domNode replaced manually alex defect high Widgets 0.0
#68 less cryptic variable names in Dojo alex defect high General 0.3
#74 use a more powerful templating system in widgets alex enhancement high General 0.0
#78 Files beginning with double-underscores conflict with Zope alex defect high General 0.0
#94 Remove dojo.widget._cssFiles in favor of using feature built into insertCssFile alex defect high Widgets 0.1
#97 Comparing dojo.uri.Uri with == can be misleading ... class needs a comparator? sjmiles defect high General 0.1
#113 Check for jum is naive jkuhnert defect high TestFramework 0.1
#133 isContainer without template string error alex defect high Widgets 0.1
#134 non dojo widget in dojo container widget is not rendered dylan defect high Widgets 0.1
#142 Need a short "why use dojo" article. dylan task high Doc parser 0.2
#167 Build CSS files James Burke enhancement high BuildTools 0.1
#175 Support retrying bind calls alex enhancement high IO 0.1
#188 FisheyeList widget doesn't work when tags are used adam defect high Widgets 0.2
#204 dialog widget needs work bill defect high General 0.2
#224 Memory Leak in Slideshow Example bill defect high Widgets 0.1
#241 release shouldn't include demos by default jkuhnert defect high BuildTools 0.1
#298 Widget Manager and Z-Index bill defect high Dijit 0.2
#322 improve coordinates calculations with svg widgets Tom Trenka enhancement high General
#334 resizing with ResizeHandle sometimes doesn't work bill defect high Widgets 0.2
#336 lots of errors in style tests sjmiles enhancement high Core 0.2
#347 widget.byId from a named frame liucougar enhancement high Widgets 0.2
#351 DnD: Make it easy to create arbitrary DOM node when dragging Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high DnD 0.2
#353 [patch][cla] event.connect breaks with undefined first argument sjmiles defect high Core 0.2
#358 Distribute a Weblets-compatible JAR jkuhnert enhancement high General 0.2
#370 DND does not work when dragging onto a panel with another under lying dragtarget psowden defect high DnD 0.2
#376 Textarea Rich Text Editor doesn't work in Safari alex defect high Editor 0.2
#377 Rich Text Editing with a textarea field doesn't work in Safari alex defect high Dijit - Form 0.2
#396 RichText saveName doesn't work in IE6 liucougar defect high Editor 0.2
#440 IE form widgets always on top in Accordion widget panels Adam Peller defect high Dijit 0.2
#444 Images for editor toolbar buttons fail to load in Firefox anonymous defect high Widgets 0.2
#450 EditorTreeContextMenu - previously selected menu item highlighted in Netscape bill defect high Widgets 0.2
#453 Building profile with dojo.provide(<variable>); alex defect high BuildTools 0.2
#455 Add support for selectors to Dojo anonymous enhancement high Core 0.3
#456 getElementsByClass fails on mozilla richedit content Bryan Forbes defect high Widgets 0.2
#463 SortableTable widget needs tooltip support per row Tom Trenka enhancement high Widgets 0.2
#470 Toolbar: Icon toolbar button can cause Firefox Throbber to start bill defect high Dijit 0.2
#504 Fix the build/packaging system (esp external packages) jkuhnert enhancement high BuildTools 0.2
#512 [patch][need cla] make encodeForm use per-type serialization functions James Burke enhancement high General 0.3
#514 not using timeoutSeconds/onTimeout for all applicable transports James Burke defect high General 0.2
#536 Make[set|get]ObjectCookie() work with nested objects sjmiles enhancement high IO 0.2
#589 dojo.event.topic.subscribe BEFORE makeWidgets ilia defect high Events 0.3
#591 DND accept problem ilia defect high DnD 0.2
#607 widget.wizard doesn't accept style (width/height) parameters bill defect high Widgets 0.2
#610 io.bind should support all HTTP Methods for REST API's alex defect high IO 0.3
#611 ShrinkSafe breaks prototype.js alex defect high BuildTools 0.2
#613 request: dojoAttachPoint should have currentPoint method alex enhancement high Dijit 0.3
#625 dojo.uri.Uri not playing well with djConfig.baseRelativePath jkuhnert defect high Core 0.2
#629 Editor: Does not wrap when long line with no spaces is entered liucougar defect high Editor 0.2
#631 Split Page widget Virtual Sizer doesn't work on java applet element in IE 6.0 koranteng defect high Widgets 0.2
#639 [patch][cla] Sequnce control module Tom Trenka enhancement high Dojox 0.2
#645 Sortable Table does not handle date format correct Tom Trenka defect high Widgets 0.2
#654 Cloned element on Dnd displays below Dialog Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD 0.3
#688 dojo.lfx.propertyAnimation properties should have the start value be optional Bryan Forbes defect high General 0.3
#694 Mouse move error in tests/event/test_rate_limited_events.html alex defect high Events 0.2
#720 Generic mechanism for beautiful dojo loading... anonymous enhancement high Core 0.3
#731 [lfx] Wipe effect bugs.. Bryan Forbes defect high lfx 0.3
#734 add "slide in selection demo" to demos/ dir and demo web page itorrey defect high General 0.0
#740 [lfx] Need a generic toggle function Bryan Forbes defect high General 0.2
#757 Dialog extends beyond viewport koranteng defect high Widgets 0.3
#762 Safari 2.0: secondary layer of text appears in RichText widget when typing from most-left position alex defect high Dijit 0.3
#777 Dojo not thread safe alex defect high lfx 0.3
#780 deprecate Editor liucougar defect high Editor 0.3
#781 dragging too far to the left, indicator doesn't function psowden defect high DnD 0.2
#782 Combox is missing setKeyValue() function haysmark defect high Widgets 0.3
#783 Disconnect doesn't work on document neil defect high Events 0.3
#786 dojo.event.connect not showing onbeforeunload prompt alex defect high Events 0.3
#796 Editor: <textarea dojoType="Editor"> in Safari can cause Safari to Hang liucougar defect high Dijit - Form 0.3
#800 Button widget cannot submit forms bill defect high Widgets 0.3
#813 dojo.lfx.toggle.fade.hide slow in certain situations Bryan Forbes defect high General 0.3
#819 Calling 'disable()' has no effect on InlineEditBox. alex defect high Widgets 0.2
#824 DomWidget.addChild() is not using the reference node passed into it dylan defect high DOM 0.3
#829 IE error adding after advice to a node's appendChild() function alex defect high Events 0.3
#835 Date format from string to date object Adam Peller enhancement high General 0.3
#846 DropdownDatePicker + scrollbars through it dylan defect high Widgets 0.3
#854 Dojo 0.3 page loading is slower than in 0.2.2 version bill defect high Widgets 0.3
#862 add radio button widget bill enhancement high Widgets 0.3
#871 IE 5.5, dojo.xml.Parse.parseAttributes, and "expando" attributes dylan defect high Widgets 0.3
#880 Opera: menu text missing bill defect high Widgets 0.3
#887 IE: custom template failed bill defect high Widgets 0.3
#890 Dialog widget does not block tab and other keyobard events anonymous enhancement high Widgets 0.3
#891 Opera: test_Wizard2 second wizard page is empty koranteng defect high Widgets 0.3
#899 ComboBox missing findLabel function Douglas Hays enhancement high Widgets 0.3
#907 Better bookmarks handling James Burke enhancement high Core 0.3
#910 Compressor jar version & maven repository jkuhnert task high General 0.2
#912 [patch][cla] Add ability to set intial values of ComboBox inline Douglas Hays enhancement high Widgets 0.3
#917 Editor should provide option of having scroll bars liucougar enhancement high Widgets 0.3
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