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#8257 Button Fonts Size in IE7 Tundra Theme. nonken defect high worksforme
#10658 Claro theme is missing several editor icons added in Dojo 1.4 nonken defect high 1.4.0 fixed
#10906 Support for CSS -moz-box-shadow nonken enhancement high 1.4.2 fixed
#10952 CLARO: Buttons highlight strangely in IE, looks bad. bill defect high 1.4.0 fixed
#10953 CLARO: Wrapping toolbars look back in Claro, buttons get ugly off-shade effect bill defect high 1.4.0 fixed
#10956 CLARO: dnd avatar is not styled bill defect high 1.4.0 fixed
#11057 [patch] [cla] Application of Claro theme to dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect nonken enhancement high 1.5.0b1 fixed
#11092 Addition of claro theme to dojox.widget.Wizard dante enhancement high 1.5.0b1 fixed
#11102 [regression] [claro] baseClass for buttons in claro theme no longer work. nonken defect high 1.5.0b2 invalid
#11103 Claro Theme Tree.css missing .claro .dijitTreeIcon nonken defect high 1.5.0b2 fixed
#11104 Claro Theme Grid.css .dojoxGridHeader .dojoxGridCell has padding issue. evan defect high 1.5.0b2 fixed
#11120 claro Dialog.css references missing image nonken defect high 1.5.0b2 fixed
#11129 Add transition effects to claro theme for CheckedMultiSelect nonken enhancement high 1.5.0b2 fixed
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