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#7442 robot: test_dnd slow in Opera haysmark defect high 1.1.1 fixed
#7443 robot: have a way of turning robot off on page load haysmark enhancement high 1.1.1 fixed
#8122 robot: investigate FF3 with Java 6 on Linux haysmark defect high 1.2.1 fixed
#8873 Robot does strange things to <html> class bill defect high 1.3.0b3 fixed
#8958 robot test repeating problem (IE8) haysmark defect high 1.3.0b3 fixed
#9016 Robot: support testing subdomains haysmark enhancement high 1.3.0rc2 fixed
#9234 Performance framework extensions for D.O.H. alex defect high 1.3.0 fixed
#9351 Displaying hint with _assertFailure dante enhancement high 1.3.0 fixed
#9429 doh.robot.mouseMove firing rate liucougar enhancement high 1.3.0 fixed
#9480 DOH robot broken on safari 4 production haysmark defect high 1.3.0 fixed
#9491 Robot: allow meta modifier bill enhancement high 1.3.0 fixed
#9512 Allow DOH to run in an iframe liucougar enhancement high 1.3.0 fixed
#9516 [patch][cla] allow doh to run within IE HTA liucougar enhancement high 1.3.0 fixed
#9526 Robot: chrome 2 support alex defect high 1.3.0 fixed
#9571 FF: DOH robot cross domain message cannot be dismissed haysmark defect high 1.3.0 fixed
#9652 [patch] IE: dojo/tests/dnd/robot/test_dnd.html failure Douglas Hays defect high 1.3.2 fixed
#10198 doh.robot not typing SHIFT + *_ARROW haysmark defect high 1.3.2 fixed
#10307 dijit/tests/editor/robot/Editor_mouse.html fails on FF3.0, 3.5. DOH Robot position issue Douglas Hays defect high 1.4.0b fixed
#9104 Adding a "dohBase" argument to the DOH test runner alex enhancement low 1.3.0 fixed
#10015 robot: improve mouse interaction with iframes haysmark enhancement low 1.3.2 fixed
#9644 Direct link to SVN in DOH dante defect lowest 1.3.2 fixed
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