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#4350 [dojox.validate] d.validation.tests fails to run most of tests alex defect high 0.9 fixed
#5097 [patch-trivial]D.O.H. runner.js ignores command line arguments when run with Rhino Adam Peller defect high 1.0 fixed
#5115 [patch][cla]D.O.H. in Rhino should return an appropriate exit code when tests fail Adam Peller enhancement high 1.0 fixed
#5625 Error in doh.registerTestNs logic alex defect high 1.0 fixed
#5808 DOH using incorrect image paths in CSS itorrey defect high 1.0 fixed
#5946 Code error(s) in dojo/tests $ut8 should be $utf8 alex defect high 1.0 fixed
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