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#5938 There is no way to disconnect connections created via NodeList.connect() Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.0 fixed
#10029 NodeList children() and filter() query fails James Burke defect high 1.3.2 fixed
#12553 Custom non-asyncloader builds with Sizzle are broken Rawld Gill defect high 1.6.0 wontfix
#12965 NodeList.filter() doesn't work in webkitMobile builds alex defect high 1.6.1 fixed
#13129 IE8 query JavaScript errors Kris Zyp defect high 1.6.1 fixed
#13649 NodeList test failures (IE8) Kris Zyp defect high 1.6.1 fixed
#13894 baseless dojo/query breaks in old IEs on query("#idselector") Kris Zyp defect high 1.7.0b1 fixed
#7345 dojo.query I.E children property not document object dylan defect low 1.1.1 fixed
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