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#18404 Dojox HTML encoding/decoding does not work properly Adam Peller defect undecided 1.10.2 patchwelcome
#317 [meta] dojo.text utility parsers; reST, markdown, wiki markup, ... Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.2
#1273 Tree: Node edit should complete on other operations dylan defect high 0.3 wontfix
#1512 dojo.gfx inside dojo slide show widget dante defect high 0.3 wontfix
#1578 [patch][cla] StretchPane (formerly called ElasticPane), now working in moz/ff and ie tk enhancement high 0.3 wontfix
#1589 Enhancement of the fisheye so that it can scroll enhancement high 0.3 wontfix
#1880 Tree: node content isn't selected on the 1st node edit on the page ilia defect high 0.4 wontfix
#1923 transformToDocument is broken in (at least) IE7 Tom Trenka defect high 0.4
#1945 Tree: selection overhaul anonymous defect high 0.9 duplicate
#1979 XSLT parsing support in Opera 9 should be included in XslTransform Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.4
#1994 Tree: TreeBasicControllerV3.createAndEdit has limited functionality anonymous defect high 0.4.1rc1 invalid
#1996 [patch/cla/dojox] Carousel widget donation dante enhancement high 0.4 wontfix
#1998 Tree: node editor doesn't expand vertically on new line in IE anonymous defect high 0.4.1rc1 invalid
#2204 add async property to src/xml/XslTransform.js Tom Trenka defect high 0.4.1
#2379 resetting stylesheet parameters for IE in dojo.xm.XslTransform Tom Trenka defect high 0.4.1
#2380 firefox dom/xml serialization/deserialization bug Tom Trenka defect high 0.4.1
#2504 New methods for getting and setting the week of the year. Neil Roberts enhancement high 0.4.1 wontfix
#3088 IE 7.0 displays ActiveX permission block when XslTransform is used Tom Trenka defect high 0.4.2rc1
#5403 Firebug Extensions Mike Wilcox enhancement high 1.0 invalid
#5706 ThumbnailPicker Should Have Public Interface To Show Desired Thumb Shane O'Sullivan enhancement high 1.0 wontfix
#5760 DomParser: mutations patch Tom Trenka task high 1.0
#6059 dojox.fx.addClass will not override classes set in an object's ID style dante defect high 1.1b1 invalid
#6169 Patch new javascript api lib based on EEEE Open Resty database services to DOJO Kris Zyp defect high 1.0 wontfix
#6241 Week 53 in 2007? Adam Peller defect high 1.1b1 patchwelcome
#6289 dtl demo_Inline: no text in IE7 Neil Roberts defect high 1.1b1 wontfix
#6308 MD5 encoding is not done on strings using UTF8 Tom Trenka defect high 1.0 wontfix
#6760 reduce the # of images used by dojox.fx.Shadow dylan defect high 1.1.0 wontfix
#6841 [patch] [cla] Image Carousel Widget jfcunat enhancement high 1.1.1 wontfix
#7291 -- server-side PHP Notice invalidates jsonp results Neil Roberts defect high 1.1.1 wontfix
#7567 dojox.html._ContentSetter should evaluate scripts prior to the call of the super class method Sam Foster defect high invalid
#7703 dojox.xml: unit test failure Tom Trenka defect high 1.2beta wontfix
#7704 refactor dojox.sql Tom Trenka task high 1.2beta wontfix
#7996 Gallery breaks if prototype.js is present Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.2.0 wontfix
#8113 "No match found" error with JSON-RPC envelopes in dojox.rpc.Service Dustin Machi defect high 1.2.1 wontfix
#8340 flXHR -- cross-domain plugin for registry Bryan Forbes enhancement high 1.2.3 wontfix
#8608 innerXML serializes outer node in some cases Tom Trenka defect high 1.2.3 wontfix
#9508 implement dictionnary methods to retrieve keys based on provided value Tom Trenka enhancement high 1.3.1 wontfix
#9583 Table editor plugin uses non-localized strings Mike Wilcox defect high 1.3.0 patchwelcome
#9943 Flash Embed - Create a Widget, Tests, and Docs Mike Wilcox enhancement high 1.3.2 wontfix
#9959 Custom sized dojox.image.SlideShow doesn't work in Opera 9.64 (MacOSX) and 10.00 (Linux) Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.3.2 patchwelcome
#10114 ThumbnailPicker is not scrolling with many thumbs. Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.3.2 patchwelcome
#10467 Methods advised with AOP do not handle dojo.connect listeners correctly Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.3.2 wontfix
#10865 loads TZ data via XHR, and synchronously Adam Peller defect high 1.4.0 patchwelcome
#11063 submitting dojox.bdd module Adam Peller enhancement high 1.5.0b1 wontfix
#11619 dojox dnd testing Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.5 invalid
#12579 New Unified Geo Mapping API Tom Trenka enhancement high 1.6.0 wontfix
#1395 [dojox.crypto] Implement SHA, Rjindael, AES. Tom Trenka task low 0.3 wontfix
#1441 [patch] [cla] ContentPane: fixPathsInCssText issues in MSIE Sam Foster defect low 0.3 wontfix
#1743 editor2: zoom liucougar enhancement low 0.4 patchwelcome
#1827 [patch][ccla] Step profiler Robert Coup enhancement low 0.4 wontfix
#2431 Editor: Image selection box is not updated properly when changing alignment. nonken defect low 0.4.1 wontfix
#4306 Consider using a window focus/blur event to notify xdomain frame of new message James Burke enhancement low 0.9 wontfix
#5584 [patch] [no cla??] Basics Stats Module With Population Statistics and Regression Robert Coup enhancement low 1.0 wontfix
#6008 [patch] [cla] function to parse any kind of date (string, object, etc) wolfram enhancement low 1.0 wontfix
#6056 Dojox.widget.Rating support for required="true" wolfram defect low 1.0 patchwelcome
#6303 test_animateClass fails for dojox.fx in IE7 dante defect low 1.1b1 wontfix
#6832 [patch][cla] dojox.collections.Set Contribution/Implementation Tom Trenka enhancement low 1.0 wontfix
#7018 [dojox] FlickrRestStore regression or SlideShow onLoad issue in IE7 dante defect low 1.1.1 wontfix
#7266 dojox.image.Lightbox - enhance to allow for longer title strings dante enhancement low 1.1.1 duplicate
#7379 [patch][cla] first, last methods on NodeList dante enhancement low 1.1.1 wontfix
#8857 Extend dojox.embed with VLC Media Plug-in support Tom Trenka enhancement low 1.3.0b2 wontfix
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