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#639 [patch][cla] Sequnce control module Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.2 fixed
#1439 Tree: Bugfix keyboard stuff when node changes tree ilia defect high 0.3 wontfix
#1585 [patch][cla] Key and focus support for FilteringTable Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.3 wontfix
#1784 Add API doc for Show widget dante defect high 0.4 fixed
#1834 FilteringTable memory leakage in Internet Explorer when using frames Tom Trenka defect high 0.4 wontfix
#1900 [patch] [cla] ResizeHandle.js - Added virtual resizing option dante enhancement high 0.4 fixed
#1941 [patch] FilteringTable: flexible date input formats Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.4 wontfix
#2040 [patch][cla] ContentPane examines wrong property on nested exceptions mumme defect high 0.4.1rc1 fixed
#2220 FilteringTable: allow custom sorting functions to operate on source data Tom Trenka defect high 0.4.1 wontfix
#2511 FloatingPane - titlebar close button dante defect high 0.4.1 fixed
#2555 [cla][patch] bug fix for colorization in Show widget Neil Roberts defect high 0.4.1 fixed
#2852 [patch] ContentPane having trouble with commented scripts (<script><!-- ...) mumme defect high 0.4.2 fixed
#3217 ContentPane: pane on <tr>, setContent() on produces error in IE mumme defect high 0.4.1 fixed
#3252 port dojo offline + Gears to 0.9 alex enhancement high 0.9 fixed
#3355 dojox.widget.Toaster require() fix ... Tom Trenka defect high 0.9 fixed
#3506 add base presentation class to DojoX dante task high 0.9 fixed
#3592 Show: strange this._options member dante defect high 0.9 fixed
#3717 dojox show widget doesn't work on IE dante defect high 0.9 fixed
#3759 Remove redundant code in dojox.validator/regexp dante defect high 0.9 fixed
#637 Fisheye Widget - doesn't work after container moved tk defect low 0.2 wontfix
#2565 [cla][patch] lapse fix Neil Roberts defect low 0.4.1 invalid
#4183 Port XHR IFrame Proxy to dojox James Burke task low 0.9 fixed
#2190 suggestion for the fisheye list widget bill enhancement lowest 0.4.1 wontfix
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