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#1997 movable RichText with resizer enhancement high 0.4.1rc1 wontfix
#6082 Make Rating widget work for RTL wolfram defect high 1.0 patchwelcome
#6293 dojox.widget.FileInputAuto in test_FileInput.html not working in FF 2.0 guest defect high 1.1b1 invalid
#6743 Toasters in ie6 dante defect high 1.1.0 invalid
#7382 [cla][patch] Menu generator (use an array of object as menu descripton) dante enhancement high wontfix
#7618 [cla][patch] Spell cheker for all king of input/richEditor dante enhancement high wontfix
#7629 Provide more comprehensive Progress Indicator enhancement high 1.2beta wontfix
#7653 dojox-widget-colorpicker onchange event does not always return the correct color dante enhancement high 1.1.1 invalid
#8012 [dojox.widget] Pager cleanups and enhancements dante defect high 1.2.0 wontfix
#8105 instances created by dojox.widget.Iterator have no way to see their data dylan defect high 1.2.1 patchwelcome
#8136 FilePicker: preserve last-used directory Nathan Toone enhancement high 1.2.1 invalid
#8591 Pager scrolls one pixel more when scrolling to the right side David Leonardi defect high 1.2.3 invalid
#8729 [patch] dojox.widget.Dialog enhancement - trimWhiteSpace dante enhancement high 1.3.0b1 wontfix
#9262 [patch] [cla] Slideshow widget enhancement request [mofified source included, for review and adaptation] David Leonardi enhancement high 1.3.0 invalid
#9340 [CLA] Outlook-style event recurrence pattern - UI and utilities dlampert enhancement high 1.3.1 invalid
#9383 [patch] [cla] Slideshow Widget Fullscreen Image support David Leonardi enhancement high 1.3.0 invalid
#10627 Feature request: dijit.MenuRibbon dante enhancement high 1.4.0 wontfix
#7314 [patch][cla] DataTabContainer widget dante enhancement low 1.1.1 wontfix
#7778 dojox.widget.Dialog window resizing issues on ie6 dante defect low 1.2beta wontfix
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