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#9165 Add a preview feature to the ExpandoPane Shane O'Sullivan enhancement high 1.3.0 fixed
#9213 i18n for ColorPicker Adam Peller enhancement high 1.3.0 worksforme
#10440 ColorPicker does not work in TooltipDialog Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.4.0b fixed
#10556 Possible memory leak in dojox.widgets.portlet Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.4.0 fixed
#10565 Portlet should not have a transparent background Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.4.0 fixed
#10744 dojox.widget.Rotator panes with id cb1kenobi defect high fixed
#11093 attr to set refactor for dojox.widget.Wizard dante enhancement high 1.5.0b1 fixed
#11115 dojox.widget.Standby: reference on self._underlayNode and self._centerNode in the_fadeOut-function is null Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.4.2 fixed
#11234 dojox.widget.Standby does not hide panels contained in a borderContainer Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.5.0b2 fixed
#11368 ColorPicker.js NLS file uses a variant character for degLabel instead of unicode Douglas Hays defect high 1.5.0rc1 fixed
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