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#11431 [patch][cla]dojox.dtl.dom.tag test_tag_ifequal test fails Neil Roberts defect high 1.5.0b2 worksforme
#11574 dojox.dtl.dom.tag.test_tag_ifequal fails in FF Chris Mitchell defect high 1.5 fixed
#11592 dojox.dtl unit tests - date/time related filters and tags fail in IE Neil Roberts defect high 1.5 worksforme
#13015 AMD convertion of dojox/dtl/_base module is incomplete Chris Mitchell defect high 1.6.1 fixed
#13426 dojox/dtl/demos broken in 1.7 Neil Roberts defect high 1.7.0b1 fixed
#9841 [regression] DTL doh test failure in test_tag_ifequal on FF3.5/mac Neil Roberts defect low 1.3.2 fixed
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