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#2549 comet's connected attribute should be changed to a function Greg Wilkins defect high 0.4.1 fixed
#5549 Timesync extension for cometd Greg Wilkins enhancement high 1.0 fixed
#6156 [patch][no cla]cometd client and IE url limit to 2083 bytes Greg Wilkins defect high 1.1b1 fixed
#6994 Document java servers on wiki Greg Wilkins task high 1.1.1 fixed
#9408 subscription to channel denied - incorrectly handled Greg Wilkins defect high 1.3.1 fixed
#9433 dojox.cometd.disconnect does not always fire on page unload Greg Wilkins defect high 1.3.0 fixed
#14041 cometd: build-report.txt errors from 1.7.0b6 Greg Wilkins defect high 1.6.1 duplicate
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