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#16791 [Patch CLA] dijit/form/Select: Support placeHolder for empty selects bill enhancement undecided 1.8.3
#17803 Select set("options", ...) doesn't work bill defect undecided 1.9.3
#10819 [patch][cla][needs update to AMD] add function to return selected value in a checkbox/radio bill enhancement high 1.4.0
#17095 dijit/form/Select doesn't remove observe listeners when new queries are given dylan defect low 1.8.3

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#18562 [partial patch][cla] NumberTextBox rounds even with constraints: {round: -1} defect undecided 1.10.4
#18671 Tooltip: doesn't come along with the textbox when window resizing defect undecided 1.10.4
#18698 JAWS screen reader announces combobox options twice defect undecided 1.10.4
#18742 IE11 autocomplete results a flicker on submitting the form defect undecided 1.10.4
#18821 DateTextBox: label and role unclear in JAWS bill defect undecided 1.11.0
#18896 Placeholder preventing focus on text box (Mobile only) defect undecided 1.11.2
#18921 Wrong calculation of FilteringSelect width defect undecided 1.12.0-rc2
#18924 ComboBox: dropdown highlighting for autocomplete incorrect for IE 11 browser defect undecided 1.12.0-rc2
#18925 DateTextBox: widget value does not update when textbox loses focus defect undecided 1.12.0-rc2
#18999 Dojo: dijit/form/VerticalSlider: Does not work in IE8 IE9 IE10 defect undecided 1.12.2
#18339 Dijit/form/DateTextBox validation wrong on dates 01/01/1992, ... 01/01/2014 defect high 1.10.2
#18881 IE11 combo box performance issue for 2nd click onward defect high 1.10.4
#18930 NumberTextBox does not select number text when focused using TAB key defect high 1.11.2
#18938 dijit/form/TimeTextBox slow in Chrome defect high 1.11.2
#19001 Click event handled on Dijits in disabled state defect high 1.12.2
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