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#16693 support for ES5 getters/setters bill feature undecided 1.8.3 fixed
#16859 _WidgetBase forces custom event binding names to be all lowercase bill defect undecided 1.8.3 fixed
#4122 dijit.WidgetSet: support array interface bill enhancement high 0.9 wontfix
#5796 make destroy() work recursively dante defect high 1.0 fixed
#7381 call set() for every attribute on initialization, include those with falsy values bill task high 1.1.1 wontfix
#7872 Tooltip: will not follow node defect high 1.2.0 wontfix
#8489 disallow id's with spaces defect high 1.2.3 fixed
#8494 _Templated: remove whitespace from templates defect high 1.2.3 fixed
#9994 dijit._Container refactoring task high 1.3.2 wontfix
#11523 CSS loading race condition defect high 1.5 fixed
#11767 [patch][cla] ability to rerender a widget (w/out destroying it) bill enhancement high 1.5 duplicate
#13782 support async widget creation bill enhancement high 1.6.1 wontfix
#13947 TitlePane: closing then opening makes text in !ValidationTextBox disappear (IE6, IE7) defect high 1.6.1 wontfix
#14251 use CSS transitions instead of javascript animations task high 1.6.1 fixed
#15399 Cannot add a source header (an HTML comment) in a Dijit Template enhancement high 1.7.2 fixed
#15661 Tree: ObjectStoreModel support for drop between bill feature high 1.7.3 worksforme
#15835 standardize camel case vs. dashed properties bill task high 1.8.0 fixed
#3383 ProgressBar: can't be inlined bill defect low 0.9 fixed
#3905 Patch dojo.parser, OR stop putting widget code in event callbacks such as onShow, onRezised etc bill defect low 0.9 fixed
#5653 InlineEditBox: blur of editor switches to view mode defect low 1.0 wontfix
#8424 _Templated: bug with <ol>, <li> and <fieldset> (IE7) defect low 1.2.3 wontfix
#9413 Tree: nodes initially show + expando icon even when no children bill defect low 1.3.0 patchwelcome
#9958 replaceChild optimization to have better IE performances bill enhancement low 1.3.1 wontfix
#9970 dijit._TemplatedWidget enhancement low 1.3.2 wontfix
#11691 ContentPane: defer parsing/DOM instantiation until first show bill enhancement low 1.5 wontfix
#15008 HTML5 validation fails after instatiation of widgets defect low 1.7.2 fixed
#16562 support parser's auto-require with _WidgetsInTemplateMixin bill enhancement low 1.8.3 wontfix

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#12802 Menu: broken when declared inside a TitlePane defect low 1.6.0
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