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#2481 dojo.undo.browser: Expand Opera and Safari support Ben Lowery defect high 0.4.1 wontfix
#2486 dojo.clone does not recognize cycles in object graphs James Burke defect high 0.4.1 wontfix
#3418 dojo.undo.browser with bookmarking bug Ben Lowery defect high 0.4 wontfix
#3879 should normalize colors sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 wontfix
#3961 [meta] base size reductions alex defect high 0.9 invalid
#5906 [patch][cla]Represent hashes in dojo.objectToQuery James Burke enhancement high 1.0 wontfix
#6198 Upgrade openajax hub to 1.1 (when available) Adam Peller enhancement high 1.1b1 wontfix
#7283 Upgrade Firebug Lite to 1.2 Mike Wilcox enhancement high 1.1.1 wontfix
#7290 FF3 eval() badly borken, and some bizzareness anonymous defect high 1.1.1 wontfix
#7449 setViewportDimension Contribution dante enhancement high 1.1.1 wontfix
#7669 NodeList: .addContent should be a mapIn function Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.2beta duplicate
#7827 support this.inherited for [DontEnum] methods sjmiles enhancement high 1.2beta wontfix
#7935 dojo._Url broken for more than two args James Burke defect high 1.2.0 patchwelcome
#7976 NodeList.empty() doesn't work in IE on certain nodes Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.2.0 wontfix
#8038 Cannot set cookie for various conditions under IE6 or IE7 ptwobrussell defect high 1.2.0 invalid
#8103 Only use firebug lite for browsers without a native console James Burke defect high 1.2.1 wontfix
#8574 can't navigate to initial state using dojo.back Ben Lowery defect high 1.2.3 wontfix
#9148 Can't set !important property when using setter Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.3.0 invalid
#9217 dojo.cookie can not change window scope. defect high 1.3.0 invalid
#9407 dojo.declare: allow creating constructors not bound to global module name James Burke defect high 1.3.0 wontfix
#9663 featureDetection: Loader changes dylan defect high 1.3.2 wontfix
#9664 featureDetection: eval and fromJson change dylan defect high 1.3.2 wontfix
#10768 Add dojo.distinct to the Array base functions. dante enhancement high 1.4.0 duplicate
#10990 dojo.inherited() not calling base method Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.4.1 wontfix
#1144 Dojo leaks in frames in IE dylan defect low 0.3 wontfix
#2571 [patch] [ccla] syntax checking feature James Burke enhancement low 0.9 wontfix
#3121 [meta] fill in missing tests and expand weak Core test sets alex task low 0.9 invalid
#3195 IE issue with DOMContentLoaded? Mark Wubben defect low 0.4.2 wontfix
#5144 Have a short function wrapper for debugAtAllCosts Neil Roberts enhancement low 1.0 invalid
#5925 Firebug Lite layout is broken if it is initially hidden Mike Wilcox defect low 1.0 wontfix
#6848 should have a way to explicitly provide errors defect low 1.1.1 worksforme
#8049 Weird timing issue with firebug stubs in bootstrap.js when loading XHTML document causes exception during load otakuj462 defect low 1.2.0 invalid
#8114 dojo.delegate isn't good with Arrays enhancement low 1.2.1 wontfix
#8146 dojo._Url should be augmented with objectToQuery/queryToObject methods dylan enhancement low 1.2.1 wontfix
#8756 dojo.number.format returning an incorrect value or large exponentials Adam Peller defect low 1.3.0b1 patchwelcome
#9136 Add in an isFBLite property Mike Wilcox enhancement low 1.3.0 wontfix
#9867 hostenv for Seed Bryan Forbes enhancement low 1.3.2 wontfix
#9905 Make the type of debugger configurable via djConfig cb1kenobi enhancement low 1.3.2 wontfix
#9991 Unable to check if object is an instance of dojo.NodeList Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.3.2 duplicate
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