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#2102 Custom build with empty template file James Burke defect high 0.4 wontfix
#2536 dojo.requireIf fails in custom build with parentheses condition robert.coup@… defect high 0.4.2rc1 invalid
#3159 web build: incorrectly builds dojo.js for dojo.gfx.* James Burke defect high 0.4.2 wontfix
#3210 Allow auto-discovery of build files Rawld Gill enhancement high 0.4.2 wontfix
#3253 build compression step should strip n00b syntaxes Adam Peller enhancement high 0.9 patchwelcome
#4289 Port web build system to 0.9 James Burke defect high 0.9 wontfix
#5181 Build option to exclude dojo.i18n from dojo.xd.js James Burke enhancement high 0.9 wontfix
#5189 Discard layers with same name as a dependency causes problems? Rawld Gill defect high 0.9 invalid
#8179 Typo in loader_xd localization James Burke defect high 1.2.1 wontfix
#8588 Cross Domain build exception vincentastek defect high 1.2.3 invalid
#8832 Custom build scopeMap 'mydojo' vs 'my.dojo' jayantbsai enhancement high 1.3.0b2 invalid
#9375 support for WebKit's displayName feature of naming anonymous functions Rawld Gill defect high 1.3.0 wontfix
#9661 avoid interning strings when templatePath is commented James Burke enhancement high 1.3.2 duplicate
#9860 Get the web builder working again James Burke enhancement high 1.3.2 wontfix
#10879 Same localization could be included more than one time in a build Rawld Gill defect high 1.4.0 worksforme
#14544 build system doesn't work with --writeProfile option Rawld Gill defect high 1.7.1 wontfix
#2429 intern-strings should ignore code in comments James Burke defect low 0.4.1 wontfix
#7077 Build in GFX requireIf code into layer file Rawld Gill defect low 1.1.1 worksforme
#7610 dojo.require calls from a layerDependency should stay in the dependent layer Rawld Gill defect low 1.2beta wontfix
#7822 optimize=shrinksafe runs over all _base/_loader/ files, generating an error Rawld Gill defect low 1.2.0 patchwelcome
#7894 building with standard scopeMap breaks dojo Rawld Gill defect low 1.2.0 wontfix
#8329 Consider expanding dojo.provide/getObject calls in build layer for speed Rawld Gill defect low 1.2.3 wontfix
#8383 maven release mechanism Greg Wilkins enhancement low 1.2.3 invalid
#9008 expandProvide and xdomain builds do not work Rawld Gill defect low 1.3.0rc2 wontfix
#9035 build: scope params cannot be set in profile dante defect low 1.3.0 invalid
#10711 Making command-line arguments available in profile smellycat enhancement low 1.4.0 invalid
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