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#6490 Using dojo.fx.combine in dojo.fx.chain throws errors Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.1.0 fixed
#6566 [enhancement] Make _Animation methods return 'this' alex enhancement high 1.1.0 invalid
#7881 Major issue on FF3 Linux - dojo.fx has lint errors that causes TypeError and James Burke defect high 1.2.0 worksforme
#8022 Make dojo._Line.getValue a prototype method dante enhancement high 1.2.0 fixed
#7644 dojo.animateProperty incorrectly assumes node has a display property Bryan Forbes defect low 1.2beta invalid
#8128 [cla][patch] dojox.fx.flip: new effects (and parameters) Bryan Forbes defect low 1.2.1 fixed
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